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Her Royal Awesomeness

This girl believes in the power of a positive attitude amidst all struggles she's faced with and that God will never let her down.

This girl is someone who aspires to be a successful career woman in the future and makes the most out of her earthly life.

This girl hopes that she'll meet that one guy who'll make her swoon, sweep her off her feet and will share the rest of his life with her.

This girl befriends people whom she is comfortable with. She assures you that you can confide anything to her and will accept you for who you are.

This girl may be a bit of a crazy girl but, hey, you'll totally enjoy her company.

This girl loves music,be whatever genre it is and sometimes uses it as a temporary escape from burden she's faced with.

And, this girl is a tough one, yet she knows when it's okay to let her guard down and let life take its course.

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Bcuz it’s #WorldOfColor. Excuse the lame ass quality of my pix. #CaliforniaAdventure #Summer2014

Bcuz it’s #World#OfColor. Excuse the lame-ass quality of my iPod’s camera. #CaliforniaAdventure #Summer2014

ENG SEYE SEYE NEMEN NEH? Hahahaha #CaliforniaAdventure #Summer2014

Da bro and moi at #CaliforniaAdventure .

Da illest mo’fo’ on da ride. #TowerOfTerror #californiaadventure #summer2014

#selfie with one of the guys tending at the Cars ride. #CaliforniaAdventure #summer2014

In the happiest place on Earth.

My itinerary for today. #Disneyland #CaliforniaAdventure #summer2014

About to get my face sculpted. Yep that’s Hollywood Blvd behind moi. #hollywood #summer2014

A beautiful sunset at #SanDiego. #summer2014